Consignment Program

We are dedicated to matching buyers with their dream horse. Our consignment program allows us to do just that! 

How it works: 

Send us a message to see if your horse is approved. All horses must have a negative coggins to be brought to the ranch. After approval, we will agree upon a price that the owner will receive after the horse is sold. We typically ride each horse for thirty days or longer before listing to guarantee that we know the horse inside and out. It is important to us that we accurately represent each animal to our buyers. We typically specialize in barrel, ranch, and rodeo horses, as well as performance prospects. 

While in consignment:

Each consignment horse will be turned out daily and exercised ~5 days a week depending on the horse and it's needs. We will get photos and videos of the horse prior to listing. The horse will be marketed on our website, Facebook, online platforms, and through personal connections. While in consignment, the horse will be taken to events in the area and competed on if necessary. This helps promote the horse while also helping the horse gain experience. We are located near cross brand cowboy church, and we will haul there frequently to practice and work the horses in the arena. 

Owner responsibility:

While in consignment, the owner is responsible for providing farrier services or funds for farrier services, feed and hay, and any vet bills necessary such as coggins, teeth floating, or vaccines.